Custom Tombstones & Monuments in Crane, TX & Odessa, TX

Sheppard Memorials manufactures our monuments right here in Odessa, Texas. We are happy to take your custom design or idea and create a lasting memory for you and your loved ones. When the slab of granite, marble or limestone arrives from the quarry, we design and shape it from the very first stage to the last. We take great pride in creating a lasting monument that honors the life of your loved one, and we know that we will exceed your expectations with each project. There is no limitation in granite, marble, or limestone design.

Why choose a granite monument? 

We only use the very best materials for our granite monuments. When you choose a granite monument, you can choose from an unlimited array of choices in colors of shapes. With so many different finishes and a multitude of special designs, using granite for your memorials to your loved ones is one of the best choices. Let us create a lasting tribute to your loved one with a beautiful granite monument. 

From the most simple to the most elaborate granite and marble monuments, our staff can help, with attention to detail and respect for the person you want to memorialize.

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